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Becker Link2Live Services*

The Becker Link2Live Services enable access to relevant information on the navigation device during the journey in realtime. Through the BLUETOOTH® connection, the Internet is accessed via the data package of the mobile phone. Thereby, the Live Traffic function delivers realtime traffic information not only on the motorway, but also in town. Moreover, you can find special points of interest with the comprehensive Live POI Search, for example restaurants, gas stations, shopping facilities and many more.


Live Traffic

With Live Traffic you can now pick up the latest traffic reports (data sourced from Nokia HERE) in real time. As part of the Becker Link2Live services, Live Traffic offers detailed and even faster information about traffic jams and slow-moving traffic on your route with an indication of the length of delay, both on motorways and on trunk roads and major connecting routes within cities. This means you can stay abreast of traffic hold-ups at all times, allowing you to avoid them and choose an alternative route with ease.


Live POI Search

The Live POI Search enables you to search for many different POIs along your route. You can take advantage of the huge POI database (data sourced from Nokia HERE) which you can access using the Becker Link2Live services. For instance, you can easily find countless POIs such as restaurants, filling stations and lots more and get your Becker navigation device to guide you there quickly and reliably.



In order to use the Becker Link2Live Services, the PND must be able acces the Internet via the a BLUETOOTH® connection and the data plan of your mobile phone. The following steps explain, how you can carry out a connection test. This way you can find out, wether your mobile phone is suitable for using the Becker Link2Live Services.



  • Mobile phone that supports the mobile hotspot feature (WiFi tethering) and thus allows access to the Internet.
  • The hotspot feature (WiFi tethering) must be enabled on your mobile phone.
  • The mobile phone must have sufficient network coverage and a mobile phone contract to access the Internet. As may incur additional costs due to the data transmission, a mobile phone contract with data plan is recommended.



The Becker Link2Live Services can still be acquired via the Becker Content Manager after the expiry of 30 days after the first use of the device. To do this, place the product in the Becker Content Manager "add to cart" and close the paid order from. The running time of purchase, the services shall be 1 year.


The Becker Link2Live Services are included in the following navigation systems (free for 30 days):

* Requirements: Mobile phone with BLUETOOTH© modem (DUN profile) and hotspot function (tethering) as well as mobile service contract with data plan, whereby additional costs may incur. No guarantee for compatibility. The Becker Link2Live Services can be tested for free for 30 days after first use of the device.



1. For a successful usage of the Becker Link2Live Services the following requirements apply:

The mobile phone supports the BLUETOOTH© DUN-Profil (Dial-Up Network) and can be used as a tethering modem (Sharing the Internet connection via BLUETOOTH© hotspot).

The mobile phone shows sufficient network coverage and allows access to the Internet with a suitable mobile service plan.

If the mobile phone supports a hotspot function, it has to be activated by the user.

The United Navigation GmbH cannot fully guarantee a functionality of the Becker Link2Live Services and BLUETOOTH© compatibility of your mobile phone with the Becker navigation system.

2. After first use of the device, the Becker Link2Live Services can be tested for free and without obligation for 30 days. 

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