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BECKER learning navigation

A navigation system that learns as it goes along.

A navigation system that learns as it goes along. As well as taking into account historic traffic data, Becker's navigation systems can now also draw on brand new data while navigating. To do so, your navigation system simply records data on your journeys while you are driving. This data is then anonymized and added to data from thousands of other navigation system users. By regularly updating the navigation data on your navigation system, it will then be able to calculate increasingly quicker and more convenient routes, as well as to calculate the best possible route depending on the specific day of the week and time of day. This means that you will get to your destination even quicker, with less stress and save fuel. Best of all: This service is available totally free of charge!



And this is how it works:

Every one of our latest Becker navigation systems will continuously record the routes you drive (up to 2,000 km). When doing so, it also independently records the time it takes to drive specific sections of the route depending on the day of the week and time of day. "Shortcuts" that you believe are faster than the route proposed by the navigation system are, of course, also saved*.

If you consent to your driving data being collected through the Becker Content Manager, the data collected from your navigation system will be completely anonymized before it is transmitted to our data processing centre as soon as you connect your navigation system to your pc, log onto the internet and into the Becker Content Manager software.

The data of all participating Becker users are subsequently electronically analyzed and added to data from all of the other users. Once processed, this data from the "learning" navigation systems is then provided in the Becker Content Manager's download section every month for participants to download and save to their navigation systems.

And this is how you can benefit from Learning Navigation:
On the MAPS & EXTRAS menu, select the FREE product LEARNING NAVIGATION by clicking on the basket and activate it. After you have successfully activated it, the Learning Navigation files will be available for you to download on the MY UPDATES menu.

On the MY UPDATES menu, the monthly Learning Navigation updates will also be automatically offered for you to download.

All that is then left for you to do is to tick "Find quickest route" under navigation options in the settings menu of your navigation system, after which it will calculate the quickest route for you depending on the time of day and day of the week.


If you were commuting from Birmingham to London every week, your navigation system would always calculate the same route for that journey. This route from Birmingham to London takes 2:25 h.

However, having driven this route so many times, you have now found out that driving a slightly different route on a Friday evening around 6pm will get you to London in 2:10 h.

You then connect your navigation system to your PC the next day and transmit all of the route and traffic data you have collected to the Becker data processing system through the Becker Content Manager.

The Becker system processes this data and puts it at your and all other Becker users' disposal in one of the subsequent updates.

This means that Tom from Stafford, who has never before driven from Birmingham to London, will now also be able to get there in 2:10 hours time on a Friday evening. This means that, thanks to his "learning" Becker navigation system, he will gain extra time that he can spend with his friends in London instead of in the car.




The data provided in the first download package includes data on the following countries: Belgium, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Austria, Holland and Switzerland. By collecting data from Becker navigation system users from across the whole of Europe, data on other countries will also become available very shortly. This also means that your navigation system's data will constantly grow and that it will become increasingly better - because it learns as it goes along.


*The data that your navigation system records is stored encrypted in your navigation system's memory. You can furthermore delete this data at any time by simply resetting your navigation system to its factory settings.